How to Setup Device on Yoosee App

Please see instructions below on how to setup the device to Yoosee App :

1. Please go to your smartphone wifi settings and select your 2.4 GHz home wifi connection.

2. Open the Yoosee App, then click the (+) icon in the middle of the app interface.

3. Please tap on the "NO QR code? Add Manually" option, then select WIfi Camera



4. Next steps choose "Add by Wi-fi" option



5. Prepare the camera. Power up the camera and reset it.  Check mark the button and hit next when you hear a tone "du du sound"

To reset the device, please press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds, then wait for about 30 seconds should eventually start making du du sound.





6. Next, enter your 2.4 GHz wifi password. Make sure you entered the password correctly then press the "next" button.

7. Click the ‘Connect Wi-Fi started with GW_’ button and connect the wifi with the ‘GW_AP’ starting. After connecting, go back to the APP.

8. Wait for the camera to connect to the wifi, after a successful connection set the device name and you can start using it.

Note : 

Please make sure when setting up the camera, please make sure that cellular data/mobile data and wifi assistance/auto wifi are turned OFF.  These settings will make your phone ignore the wifi network it is connected to if it senses the internet connection is bad, which is what it will sense when connected to the camera as you are only connected to the camera and not the internet.

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