How to Setup Device on Lookcam App

  1. Please make sure that the device is ON.
  2. A red blinking light will come up and then go off indicating the WIFI is on and ready to connect.
  3. Open your smartphone and connect to the WIFI network broadcast by the device
  4. Open the LookCam app, and the camera should pair itself with your phone automatically.
    - If it does not pair itself automatically, try hitting the add device button and then select "LAN Search Device."
  5. At this point, you should be able to view live video from the camera as long as you are in the range of it.

Connect The Camera To Your Wi-Fi 

  1. Open Lookcam App,
  2. Tap the gear icon, and then from the devices setting select "Wi-fi Setting"
  3. Choose your 2.4hgz local wifi network and then enter your wifi password and then Tap ok
  4. After setting up the device, you will be able to watch live video from the app remote.

Note : 

Please make sure when setting up the camera, please make sure that cellular data/mobile data and wifi assistance/auto wifi are turned OFF.  These settings will make your phone ignore the wifi network it is connected to if it senses the internet connection is bad, which is what it will sense when connected to the camera as you are only connected to the camera and not the internet.


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