How to set up device on HDSmartIPC App

First, let's start with downloading the app HDSmartIPC

  • Android:
  • IOS: 

Press the reset button for 30 sec while the device is on

To pair your device to your Wi-Fi and use the device remotely you can follow these simple steps: 

  1. Connect to the device hotspot, it should start with the letters "AI" after you are done connecting.
  2. Let's check if there is any smart networking switching 
    a.) Android: On the Wi-Fi page in settings, there should be a menu button in the upper right corner which is usually represented by three dots on the stack each other. Once you clicked on that go to Advance, Then check on Switch to mobile data and make sure that it is off.
    b.) iPhone:  Go to settings, then cellular, scroll down until you are on the bottom-most part, look for wifi assist and make sure that it is off.
  3. Open the HDSmartIPC App and the camera should be there and appear online, Click on the Settings button a gear icon on the lower right corner of the online camera, and Select device settings, Once inside device settings select Wi-Fi Config, Inside Wi-Fi Config select your Home Wi-Fi on the list. Make sure that we are connecting it to a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi and not 5ghz Wi-Fi, if we try to connect it to a 5ghz Wi-Fi it will most like fail to connect,
    a.) if you are unsure you can check on your router and see if any indicator for what kind of Wi-Fi signal it emits. If not found you can contact your router provider to have them assist you if it's not available.
  4. Once we select the Home Wi-Fi it will ask for the password for that Wi-Fi. Once you put the password to connect. The app will pop up a message saying that the device will reboot. Just close the app then go to your phone's Wi-Fi and check if you are connected to your internet and if the "AI" hotspot is gone.
  5. Wait for 5 mins before opening the app again, Then once the 5mins is done open the app and you should be able to view the live feed in any location as long as you are connected to your internet. 
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