How to Setup Device on TinyCam Pro App

Please see the instruction below on how to set up your device to TinyCam pro app.

  1. Please get the TinyCam Pro app for your smartphone - you can download it from for Android devices or from for IOS devices. 
  2. Plug the device with power and Press ON/OFF for 2 seconds and wait for about 1 minute. 
  3. Please make sure to turn off mobile data and WIFI assistance on your smartphone before doing the setup. These settings will make your phone ignore the WIFI network it is connected to if it senses the internet connection is bad, which is what it will sense when connected to the camera as you are only connected to the camera and not the internet.
  4. Go to your smartphone WIFI setting and connect to the WIFI network with an SSID which starts with "HCAM" or "AIS", broadcast by the camera.
  5. Open the Tinycam Pro app, from the main screen of the app tap the (+) icon to add a camera device then tap LAN search and select the first device found.  Back on the main menu, you should see a new camera icon preview
  6. Next is to setup remote access to the camera. Hit the settings icon then select Wi-Fi Config, select your 2.5Ghz local Wi-Fi network, and input your WIFI password.
  7. Then, wait a few minutes. It will display a message stating "Device is offline, please check that the network and power are normal." This is normal, just give it about five minutes to reboot. After five minutes, the device should be connected to your WIFI network.

Please note on step#6: If your router has 2 WIFI signals (2.5GHz and 5G, please don't choose 5G. Because it only supports 2.4 GHz WIFI.  

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