How to setup device on Tuya Smart app

  1. Open the TUYA app, click "Add Device" or click '+" on the upper right corner of the app.  Choose "Camera & Lock" and then select "Smart Camera Wifi.
  2. Make sure that the device is powered ON and the indicator light is flashing quickly or a prompt tone is heard.
    To reset the device - please hold down the reset button on this camera until the camera beeps.
  3. Mark the radio button and press the "Next" button to go to QR code pairing
  4. Please select 2.4Ghz wifi network then enter your router's password, and make sure you enter it correctly.
  5. The app will display a QR code, please scan the QR code using the device camera 15 to 20 cm away.
  6. When you heard a voice prompt, press "I Heard a Prompt"
  7. Wait for about a few minutes to finalize the setup
  8. Once done, the device will show up on your device's list and it will be ready to use.

Note : 

Please make sure when setting up the camera, please make sure that cellular data/mobile data and wifi assistance/auto wifi are turned OFF.  These settings will make your phone ignore the wifi network it is connected to if it senses the internet connection is bad, which is what it will sense when connected to the camera as you are only connected to the camera and not the internet.

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