Orca glasses time stamp parameter setting description

  1. Update Configuration - {Y/N} - "Y" character means Yes - to update all the changes made and "N" mean No - changes will not update to the device. 
  2. Date Time Watermark - is the settings to setup the date and time stamp of your video recordings. 
    Format - Year-Month-Day hour:min:sec {Y/N} -  "Y" character means Yes - show date and time. "N" means not to show the date and time stamp on the video recordings.
    Sample - September 15, 2022, 9:30AM - 2022-09-15 09:30:00
  3. Videosize - or resolution, is the number of pixels that could be displayed in a given area that is usually calculated by the width and the height.You can set the device to record in the following resolution, (4K30/1440P30/1080P120/1080P60/1080P30/720P120/720P60)
    Sample :  1080P30            [Videosize{4K30/1440P30/1080P120/1080P60/1080P30/720P120/720P60}]
    - the device will record in 1080P resolution and 30fps.
  4.  Segment Time - is the video recording length you set for the video recordings. 
    Sample : 10            [Segment Time{5/10/15/20/30}]
    -the device will max recording length will be 10 minutes long, it will keep recording to another 10 minutes video until you press the function button to stop recording. Say for example you are recording for about 30 minutes, you will have 3 videos files in the device storage.
  5. Photosize - This represents the physical size and resolution of an image measured in pixels. 
    Sample - 24M            [Photosize{24M/20M/16M/13M/8M}]
    - all captured images by the device will be 24megapixels in size. 
  6.  Logo - This is used to use add a logo or string name on the date and time stamp. Currently, the value is NULL for this isn't applicable at the moment. 
  7.  Format - This is used to format the device storage. If set to "Y" - will wipe out all the data in the video storage of your device. "N" means not to format device storage. Its recommend to set it to  "N". If you need to format the device storage, we recommend doing it on your computer. 
  8. Motor Vibration - {Y/N} - "Y" character means Yes - to enable vibration and "N" mean No - disable vibration
  9. Movie Audio - {Y/N} - Select 'Y' to enable audio recording or 'N' to disable audio recording."
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