zClock-1000 Manual

This is the PDF electronic version Manual for zClock-1000


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    Edward Shklovsky

    Basic Operation Assistance

    Before setting up the device to capture any media, please first make sure the unit is fully charged and the plastic tab is removed from the battery cap behind the unit and remote.

    1. Ensure you have the Micro SD memory card inserted in the clock all the way in You should hear a click, use a dime or a pin. The Rotational Cover should be able to close all the way.
    2. Ensure the USB cable is not connected to the device.
    3. Turn the side On-Off switch to the On position.
    4. Point the remote to the red-window on the unit at by least a foot away, and hit the power button. Give it a few seconds, a blue light will come on. This means the device is on stand-by mode.

    From the stand-by mode;

    **Recording video and sound: **Press the Video button. The blue light will slowly blink 3 times, then go off. Video is now being recorded. Press the Video button again to stop recording, the blue light will come on.

    **Recording sound only: **Press the microphone button to record sound only. The blue light will slowly blink 3 times, then go off. Sound is now being recorded. Press the Sound button again to stop recording. the blue light will come on.

    **Taking pictures: **Press the Photo button to take a picture. The blue light will go off, and then come back on a few seconds later. It is automatically back into stand-by mode again.

    **Recording on Motion Detection: **Press the Motion-Detection button to place the device on motion detection stand-by. The blue light will keep flashing quickly until motion is detected. When the first motion in front of the device is detected, the blue light will slowly blink 3 times, than go off. Video is now being recorded. Video records for a minimum of 3 minutes following initial motion. Press the Motion-Detection again to stop recording. The device will go back into stand-by (solid blue light).

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